Whether you’re looking for packaging to allow you to post goods to customers, or are looking for a new way to protect and package products that are destined for shop shelves, cardboard should be one of the materials near the top of your list.

An article for Inc recently explained why cardboard and paper are some of the best choices available when it comes to packaging materials.

Firstly, many consumers, in the UK and elsewhere, are actively trying to cut down on the single-use plastic in their lives. People are looking for brands who make sustainable choices and that often starts with your packaging. After all, it’s what gives people their first impression of your brand.

Secondly, cardboard and paper are incredibly versatile and can be printed and branded in a host of creative ways. That means you can make this kind of packaging personal to your business and its story.

If you spend enough time working on the design of your cardboard packaging, you can ensure that it’s suitable to be displayed on shop shelves, in people’s homes and for delivery through the post.

The news provider cited corrugated cardboard in particular as being a robust material, which means it’s more than capable of protecting any items that are posted.

Earlier this month, we also shared research which has found that cardboard is one of the safest packaging materials to use during the Covid-19 outbreak, because the virus cannot survive as long on this surface as it can on the likes of steel or plastic, a study in the US revealed.

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