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Reinvention: The action or process of drastically altering something to the point that it appears to be completely different. When was the last time you gave your packaging a second thought? Is it time to reinvent your packaging? Is cardboard packaging the answer? Below, we focus on four strong reasons to reconsider your packaging strategy: rising costs, supply concerns, sustainability, and branding potential. 

The fight against plastic

Plastic usage has increased in tandem with the growth of e-commerce. It is is a low-cost and adaptable product packaging material, but it is also harmful to the environment. Plastic packaging contributes to our disposable culture. In reality, half of the plastic we consume is disposable. Furthermore, every year we discard enough plastic to go around the globe four times.

Plastic is not just harming the environment; plastic toxins are absorbed by the body, posing severe health dangers. With all of the alarming data concerning packaging, it’s no wonder that customers are becoming more aware of the risks of plastic.

Many customers will intentionally seek companies that do not use single-use or any plastic. By switching from plastic to cardboard, you will not only be helping the environment by choosing a recyclable, degradable form of packaging, but you will also be making your consumers happy.


You need both safe and cost-effective packing to decrease the number of damages and returns. Your financial sheet depends on the correct packaging. If you overspend, your profit will fall. You risk receiving negative reviews for damaged items if you spend too little.

Recycled cardboard is often less expensive than plastic packaging. Additionally, because cardboard is lightweight and you can customise it to fit your goods, you may save money on shipping. Recycled cardboard is simple to store if you have the room, and buying in bulk generally results in a lower price.

Manufacturing/supply of cardboard packaging

The supply from European paper mills is another key factor to consider.

According to Packaging News, cardboard stockpiles increased by 16% year over year in July, despite weaker demand across Europe (at first) owing to the pandemic and the addition of significant new containerboard capacity. European paper mills expedited their usual quarter one plant shutdowns to bring the market closer to supply and demand balance.

One of the most important advantages of cardboard packaging is its branding potential

You can simply print and cover cardboard for branding purposes while still allowing it to be recycled. Printing on cardboard is inexpensive and straightforward, allowing your product and packaging to stand out and be recognised.

With the advancement of cardboard packaging technology and computer-aided design technology, it is possible to acquire your ideally branded packaging through an automated method. As a result, branded bespoke cardboard is now far more inexpensive and accessible to all businesses.

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