Businesses need to both reduce the amount of packaging they are using and create more packaging from sustainable materials such as card and paper in order to help tackle the world’s plastic pollution problem.

That’s the finding of a new report released by Soil Association Certification and shared by Eurofruit, with the news provider noting that the report highlights the advantages of using certified paper and cardboard for packaging, rather than plastic alternatives.

Making sure that any card and paper packaging is certified by the FSC and/or PEFC is important to “ensure the sustainability credentials and integrity of the supply chain”, the news provider noted.

In summing up why paper and card packaging should be preferred over plastic alternatives, the report stated: “Paper packaging can protect goods, provide product information, and be both biodegradable and easily recyclable.”

With so many benefits, and growing consumer awareness around the plastic pollution issues, more and more brands need to step up and look at how they can change the way they package their products to benefit the environment.

Paper and card options allow businesses to do just this, without compromising on the branding opportunities or quality. Cardboard box printers like us can help ensure your packaging design stands out for all the right reasons, while ticking sustainability boxes too.

Another factor that could encourage more businesses to step away from plastics and towards alternatives like cardboard and paper for their packaging is the plastic packaging tax that’s currently in development in the UK.

When this is introduced, businesses that use plastic packaging that doesn’t contain at least 30 per cent recycled material will have to pay a tax per tonne of packaging waste produced.