As of next year, toy company Lego will be using recyclable paper packaging for its bricks instead of single-use plastic, after receiving lots of letters from children asking to see such a change.

According to the Independent, £310 million is due to be invested by the Lego Group to make its packaging completely sustainable by the year 2025, with engineers and scientists now working on plant-based and recycled materials for the manufacturing of the bricks themselves… a good move since 90,000 tonnes of plastic is used in products each year.

Chief executive Niels B Christiansen was quoted by the news source as saying: “”We have been exploring alternatives for some time and the passion and ideas from children inspired us to begin to make the change.

“As a company who looks to children as our role models, we are inspired by the millions of kids who have called for more urgent action on climate change.”

Lego has also confirmed that it will be expanding its range o fbio-bricks, which are made in part from plant-based sugar cane, a product that first came to market in 2018 and can apparently be recycled as many times as required.

Paying attention to customers and giving them what they ask for will always be a key driver for business success. Recent research from financial services firm ING found that nearly half of those aged between 25 and 34 have stopped buying a brand’s food and beverage products after discovering that they weren’t environmentally responsible.

And as the impact of human activity on the planet becomes increasingly apparent as time goes on, companies keen to keep their head above water would perhaps be wise to make some changes when it comes to both products and their packaging.

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