The food processing giant Heinz has replaced plastic sleeve bindings on its multipacks with paperboard. The new Heinz Eco-Friendly Sleeve Multipack is in use across all of its soup ranges, and the company has committed to launching it across all of its canned products in the UK by 2021, according to a report in Packaging News.

The printed cardboard packaging features an innovative wrap design with PEFC certified paperboard. It uses 50% less material than a fully enclosed cardboard box, and 10% less than a traditional wraparound sleeve design. It is fully recyclable and the materials are from renewable and sustainably managed forests.

Heinz also reports on its website that they are advancing their efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to minimise their environmental footprint. They also claim that the manufacturing and transport of the innovative new sleeve is carbon neutral, as well as sustainable and convenient to use.

The packaging re-design is part of a three-year investment and installation at its Kitts Green factory near Wigan, at a cost of £25m. Compared to the equivalent 4-pack shrink-wrap design, the new paperboard packaging has an 18.7% lower carbon footprint.

The paperboard used for the new sleeve is certified by the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC). PEFC is the leading global alliance of national forest certification systems. They provide forest owners with a tool to demonstrate their responsible practices.

By checking if a supplier has used a certified forest, manufacturers and consumers can make sustainable choices when sourcing materials. This promotes the regeneration, biodiversity and productivity of forests around the world. The international PEFC standards go through a detailed and rigorous development process, and also take into account local differences.

Brand owners such as Heinz are increasingly aware of their role in promoting the sustainability of global forestry, to meet the demands of evolving legislation and to highlight their choices to consumers.

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