Brands of all shapes and sizes are now increasingly starting to put the environment at the heart of their operations, right across the supply chain, as the impact of human activity on the planet becomes evermore apparent.

But, of course, there’s still a lot of work to do and more action must be taken by businesses across all sectors and industries.

Where packaging recyclability is concerned, the grocery industry has just come under fire from consumer watchdog Which?, revealing that just 34 per cent of best-selling branded groceries in the UK had packaging that was fully recyclable in household collections.

Not only that, but it was also found that 41 per cent of items came with no labelling showing if they could be recycled, meaning that consumers have little idea about how best to go about disposing of rubbish.

The worst category by far was found to be crisps, with just three per cent of packaging actually recyclable, including Pringles and its hard-to-recycle combined material tube. And some 34 per cent of of cheese packaging was also found not to be easily recyclable.

Head of home products and services Natalie Hitchins said: “Consumers are crying out for brands that take sustainability seriously and products that are easy to recycle, but for any real difference to be made to the environment, manufacturers need to maximise their use of recyclable and recycled materials and ensure products are correctly labelled. 

“To reduce the waste that goes to landfill, the government must make labelling mandatory, simple and clear, enabling shoppers to know exactly how to dispose of the packaging on the products they consume.”

Recent research from financial services firm ING found that nearly half of those aged between 25 and 34 said they had stopped buying food or beverage products after discovering that the brand in question wasn’t environmentally responsible… a key signal that it’s time for businesses to start taking this seriously.

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