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An increase in delivery orders and time spent at home has led to a surge in the collection of cardboard, paper and other recyclable packaging.

As a result of the current circumstances leading many people to shop online, 84 per cent of local councils reported that more people were recycling more waste than normal, according to a Local Government Association survey.

With an increase in recycling as a result of an increase in deliveries, cardboard box printers are more concerned about sustainability and reduction of excess than ever.

Sustainability of Sustainable Solutions

The statistics about the increase in recycling vindicates many of the messages stated about the need for recyclable packaging solutions, and proven that given the opportunity consumers will choose effective sustainable packages.

Cardboard has many things going for it in this regard. Unlike plastic or even wooden packaging, cardboard is very easily and very highly recycled, being easily made from other cardboard and paper pulp.

Even in the increasingly rare event that cardboard is made with no recycled materials, it is made with ethically sourced renewable wood pulp, which is itself highly versatile and highly recyclable.

The more recycled cardboard that is used, the less energy that is required to make it and the better for the environment the packaging is.

On the other hand, whether plastic packaging can be recycled relies on the type of plastic it is, and the initial production process relies on non-renewable fossil fuels.

Only plastics that can melt (thermoplastics) can be reliably recycled and even then this recycled plastic material cannot be used for certain purposes like clear bottles.